Learn the Holy Breath Mantra For Coronavirus To Learn How To Breath Better For Free…

Holy Breath Mantra for Coronavirus

FaFa is one of God’s Servants, a Healer, he’s an Innovator of Vital Information, a Qigong, and Iron Shirt Master. He’s the Worlds only Tan-Tien (deep breathing) Breathing Master. He’s the Founder of the Holy Breath Mantra (aka– Five Tan-Tiens) that teaches you how to Tantien Breathe like a child since 1981. FaFa became Enlightened during the November 8th, 1982 Saturn Conjunction Pluto 16 months after he taught himself how to rebreathe like a child. He introduced the World of How to Breathe Deep 24 Hour a Day for Health & Longevity since 1984…

He’s the Founder of the of the Original Holy Breath (Five Tan-Tiens) Mantra with pursed lip breathing for COPD that taught Harry Hunter an old Structural Engineer that use to build Hospitals how to lower abdominal breathe like a child, get around normal again without stopping and wheezing every two feet. Harry experienced a Medical Miracle after he learned the Holy Breath Mantra, a few Qigong Exercises (Breathacise) and was able to breathe like a child in 1984 at the YMCA in Atlanta Georgia at 45 Lucky St. ***Harry taught FaFa that he could teach others how to Rebreathe like a child.
Harry’s doctor documented everything & The American Medical Association stole FaFa’s creation. In 1990 their Physical Therapists started teaching a watered down version called Diaphragm breathing for People with COPD (aka Diaphragm breathing for COPD) after Harry Hunter died. They have no founder with the experience/background that FaFa has that created their system??? They also edited him out of being found by search engines & You Tube so people couldn’t find him. Their watered down system doesn’t teach FaFa’ Holy Breath Mantra & it also doesn’t teach you how to Diaphragm breath because of this. They never gave him credit for his creation. They owe FaFa millions of dollars. It wasn’t until 2004 that FaFa found out that he helped and has continued to help Millions of COPD patients worldwide without knowing it.

It’s time for FaFa to come out of woodwork cause the World is in need of his Deep Breathing Skills and Blessings. Tan-Tien Breathing like a child will help people breathe better when they are out of the emergency stage and are still having breathing issues while recovering from Coronavirus 19 or have Lung Damage afterwards. The Holy Breath Mantra will help them/you get around just like it helped Harry Hunter with his COPD and many others since then with breathing problems (Asthma, COPD, Bronchitis etc…) ,. You will learn directly from FaFa the source it self. FaFa has been breathing like a child for the last 39 years, he’s Happy, he’s full of Light and Love.

FaFa launched this website to Help people with Coronavirus breathe better on 4/27/20 and he has Students from American Samoa, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil. Canada, Chile, China, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, HAWAIIAN ISLANDS, India, Iraq, Ireland, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Russia, Seychelles, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, USA, UK, and Vietnam. FaFa has been keeping track and some of them come back to this site twice a day.

Get Unlimited access to the Holy Breath Mantra For Coronavirus Website. FaFa will send you the password once your order is processed. Please read the Student Agreement below before you place your order.

Holy Breath Mantra For Coronavirus Instructions

Holy Breath Mantra Instructions include a complete set of Taoist Yoga/Qigong low impact exercises Video Instructions for your health and well being.


Student Agreement

FaFa’s Holy Breath Mantra (24 Hour Abdominal Breathing ) CD and companion booklet (the instructions above) was (P) copyrighted in 2006 and it’s protected by US (P) Copyright Laws. The copyright is solely owned by Fafa (Francisco Gomes) the Founder.

***A penalty has been created for $300 dollars for each person you teach FaFa’s Holy Breath Mantra to per incident or anyone they teach and so on… for Money or any other Monetary gain.

*** Please consult with your Doctor before beginning with this or any exercise system. If you’re experiencing an Emergency please call 911. This is not to replace any Medical Treatment prescribed by your Doctor. The creators, producers and distributors do not assume any liability for internal or external injury or loss in connection with the exercises and instructions herein. Once you begin studying you assume 100% liability for all your actions.

Thank you for your understanding!

Many Blessings of Love and Light to you and you love ones

It’s been proven scientifically that if a mouth breather changes to nose breathing they will live 10 years of a healthier life.

Do You Want To Quit Your Drug Addiction Forever ?


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This website was written, created and maintained by FaFa
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